We are MerrionIT

We are Customised IT Solutions for Every Business Needs.
Located in Dublin, Ireland.

"MerrionIT is a provider of CRM systems. These systems manage the relationship between an organisation and its stakeholders;
such as students, member, etc. We have our own CRM platform that has been developed and refined over ten years.
We also produce bespoke CRM systems or take over the development of CRM systems where projects have stalled.

The two main drivers of CRM development are technological improvements and increased competition.
Today’s software applications need to be built for a mobile world where the customer experience is paramount.
MerrionIT understands the evolutionary nature of this environment and how it impacts on its customers.

MerrionIT is at the forefront of this new wave of technological innovation. We focus on supporting our customers both
through our products and services in a way that allows them to compete more effectively in a rapidly changing environment."

Our Happy Customers

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