About MerrionIT

MerrionIT was founded in 2002 to provide best-in-class software services and products to the SME sector in Ireland. The company, with offices in Dublin, and Hyderabad, India, is a process driven organisation; committed to providing solutions that ad significant business benefits. We help companies transform how they operate by leveraging very latest advances in technology.

The company was founded by Brian O’Shaughnessy and has been built by stressing quality of service and premium support.

MerrionIT has been trading successfully for 13 years with sustained organic growth of 25% per annum. During this time it has delivered many successful projects. The company offers real and tangible benefits to its customers by creating smart and customised applications. These are supported by unique, intuitive and engaging designs.
MerrionIT manages all aspects of the engagement before and after the solution is delivered.

Over 28 companies have trusted MerrionIT to build core applications. These organisations come from the following sectors: Education, Banking, Aviation,
Hospitality and Social Networking.

Management profiles

Brian O’Shaughnessy, BBS, MBA (Managing Director)

Brian graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Studies (Fin & Econ) from University of Limerick in 1998 and joined KPMG Consulting (Dublin) from college. Brian has spent the last 12 years in Project Management and Consulting in the Software Industry.

Brian founded MerrionIT in 2002 to offer premium software development expertise to the Education Sector in Ireland and is committed to MerrionIT providing a premium delivery experience of its products and related services.

Mary O’Shaughnessy, BSc, MSc (Director)

Mary holds an MSc in Management (Organisational Behaviour) from Trinity College Dublin and a BSc from University College Cork.

Mary has over 20 years Human Resources and Project Management experience. Having spent 13 years in a multinational environment supporting all functions, her focus was particularly on project management and team development. Mary has also worked in and consulted on a wide range of organisations from small to medium size enterprises in Project Management.

Her area of contribution to MerrionIT is in Pre-Sales, Business Analysis and Project Management.

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